Hey there!

I’m David, a self-taught video producer, editor and animator from Slovenia. I mostly do business animations and music/lyric videos for clients of all sizes and industry branches. I started making lyric videos because I loved how they looked and after I finished my first lyric video, it was met with positive feedback and that’s how 13thNemesis Films was born. Over time I added a lot of different styles into my repertoire; presentations, kinetic typography, VFX, promo videos, commercials etc.

I also work with 3D modelling software and am developing my 3D animation skills.

Why should you choose me for your lyric video?
I am a musician myself and have been part of the music scene for over 14 years; playing in several bands of different genres and in most cases even filling the roles besides guitars and vocals. Such as the role of manager and PR; therefore, I understand the struggles of bands coming up in today’s music industry, and am knowledgeable of different promotional techniques which can help you reach your ultimate goal.